Armored Nation-Same Great Coffee, slightly different name.

Armored Nation-Same Great Coffee, slightly different name.

Hello All,

As you can see we've been under construction. Armored Coffee Co, has become Armored Nation Coffee Co. We feel that the name change solidifies our perspective on the importance of community.

When it comes to advancing in battle, locking shields was one of the most effective ways of progressing into the enemies camp. The Shield of Faith works best when we join together beside our fellow brothers and sisters in Christ, and move forward as a unit.

We believe that we are still "One Nation, under God". And the only way that we can lead others to victory in Christ, is if we are in one accord. 

Armored Nation is not just a coffee company, we are a movement.

Our mission is simple- To fulfill the great commission by providing excellent products, services & experiences.

 We will accomplish this mission through presenting our message by-

  1. Partnering with like minded individuals & organizations that are Kingdom Focused and/or oriented in helping others in a Christ-like way.
  2. Through various forms of media including social media, traditional media & print
  3. Through setting up at live events-including: festivals, concerts, events & conferences as well as various other forms of outreach.
  4. Messaging on all of our products & packaging, including presentation of scripture & individual encouragement.

We are a Combat Veteran owned and operated Company, whose 4 most important pillars are “Faith, Family, Country & Coffee” (In that Order)

We are unapologetically Faith based & believe that the Holy Bible is not just a good book, but the road map to lead each of us into a deeper relationship with God. We believe that every person on this earth has a God-given purpose and reason for existing, and the only way that we can reach true success, is by finding and fulfilling that purpose.

We believe that Family is the greatest gift that God could give us aside from redemption. Family is at the core of God’s design for humanity, and for good reason. Unconditional love is most closely shown through the design of family. One of the definitions of family is-“all of the descendants of a common ancestor.”

We also have a deep love for the freedoms promised to every citizen of this Great Nation, through the U.S. Constitution. America is and will always be One Nation, under God... We are blessed and proud to live in this Country, and are grateful for the opportunity to have served it.    

We believe that if you’re going to drink Coffee, it should be great! Sadly, most people never get to experience what a truly excellent cup of coffee tastes like. Instead they confuse store bought, factory farmed stuff in huge red or blue cans, with good coffee. Once you try gourmet hand roasted coffee, you’ll never look at the other stuff the same. 

If you agree with our philosophy, we’d love to have you on board as a partner, ambassador, influencer, or affiliate.

God Bless y’all,


Armored Nation Coffee