Stay Armored

The name Armored Nation Coffee comes from the 6th chapter of the book of Ephesians, verses 10-18. In this chapter the Apostle Paul is writing to the church of Ephesus to "Put on the whole armor of God". 

We wholeheartedly agree and believe, that it is our responsibility to put on this whole armor ourselves. We can not count on anyone else to do it for us.

We find the shield of faith to be the most interesting part of this armor, because of its versatility. While the bible does clearly teach that the Shield will "quench all of the fiery darts of the wicked" it doesn't necessarily teach us of the importance of "locking shields".

When we come together as a unit "The Body", something awesome happens. Our shields lock together, and we can form a shield wall. In ancient battles, as shield walls were formed, they essentially allowed the unit to become a mobile fortress. This allowed the Unit to not just stand there and get blasted by everything that the enemy had to throw at them, but rather to advance towards the enemy and defeat them.

The Shield wall could also allow the Unit to care for their wounded in the heat of the battle, or devise a battle plan while being protected. 

Shields were not just defensive weapons either. A skilled shieldsman could wield and sling his "buckler" (a type of shield) and it could be used as effectively as an offensive weapon, as it was a defensive piece of armor.

This is why the background of our label features a shield. There is something formidable about an Army that moves together in Unity, and protects one another when we fall. The church was literally birthed on the day that they came together in one mind and one accord & we feel it's time to get back to this message.

The heart of Armored Nation is to lock shields with people & organizations who are oriented toward building the kingdom of God & helping others find their purpose on this earth.

Our call to arms and battle cry is, and will always be #stayarmored 

Randy LaVere-

Founder, Armored Nation